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Is Heinz’s Ketch-Up & Down campaign a prank?

By Jalaja Ramanunni

Is Heinz’s double-lid bottle a prank, a limited-edition giveaway, or a product on beta mode? We don’t know yet, but it surely got people talking.

Heinz Arabia has announced that after over twenty years, it launched a new Heinz Ketch-Up & Down a double-lid bottle.

Ketchup fans across the world would agree that we needed a solution to get the last drop of ketchup out of the bottle.

However, this one is a limited edition, according to our friends at FP7 McCann, Dubai.

The timing of the announcement makes it questionable – it was sent to us a day before April Fool’s Day. It got our team at Campaign wondering if this is just another April Fool’s prank. We reached out to the creative agency behind the campaign to check if they really do have a bottle with two lids.

They replied: “You’re not the first, we’ve had some confusion on this matter. The bottle has been manufactured in a limited batch. You will be seeing it across influencer content pieces and a giveaway that we are arranging.”

In 2002, the global condiment brand introduced its upside-down bottle but they realised that people were storing the upside-down bottle upright, and Heinz saw an opportunity there.

This year, Heinz Arabia took it upon themselves to resolve this issue with the help of their creative agency, FP7 McCann, Dubai. And that’s how Heinz Ketch-Up & Down was born. It is the same old bottle we are used to, but with one lid placed on the top and another on the bottom.

Whether Heinz’s double-lid bottle is a prank, a limited-edition giveaway, or a product on beta mode, it surely got people talking. We assume this innovation can change the lives of ketchup lovers forever. Heinz mentions a possibility of scaling up, which leads us to believe that they have seriously considered the new design.

“At Heinz, we are consumer obsessed and we rely on insights like this one to fuel innovation and bring consumers more of what they want. So, building on the success of our upside-down bottle, we saw an opportunity to solve the problem that was still present. If scaled up, it could be game changer for ketchup lovers,” says Passant El Ghannam, Head of Marketing at Kraft Heinz MEA.

 Federico Fanti, Chief Creative Officer at FP7 McCann, says: “This product is the ultimate proof that human mind is incredibly complex. Despite being given an obviously right way, people continued to store Heinz in the wrong way. In fact, only 40% of customers actually stored the upside-down bottle, upside down. Such silliness needed an equally silly solution. So, we thought, since one wasn’t enough, let’s give people two and put an end to the struggle. Just goes to show that great ideas can be as simple as this – as long as they solve a problem effectively.