Instagram reveals new feature for youngsters

The feature has been introduced to promote healthy sleep schedules for teenagers and children

Meta has introduced a new way to gently parent minors into putting their phones down and getting into bed. In addition to Instagram becoming more safe for youngsters, it has introduced ‘nighttime nudges.’

According to a Meta, these are notifications that appear after a teenage user spends over 10 minutes on the app “late at night.”

The feature has been introduced to promote healthy sleep schedules for teenagers and children.

Last year, the platform unveiled ‘Parental Supervision Tools’, enabling parents to track their kids’ online activities.

Parents can observe the duration of their teens’ online presence, manage who can message them, access their stories, and receive notifications if any settings related to these activities are altered by their children.

To ensure that teens regularly check their safety and privacy settings on Instagram and are aware of the more private options available, the platform will send new notifications encouraging them to update their settings for a more private experience.

If teens opt to “turn on recommended settings,” the platform will automatically adjust their settings to limit who can repost their content, tag or mention them, or include their content in Reels Remixes.

“Meta is evolving its policies around content that could be more sensitive for teens, which is an important step in making social media platforms spaces where teens can connect and be creative in age-appropriate ways.

“These policies reflect current understandings and expert guidance regarding teen’s safety and well-being.

“As these changes unfold, they provide good opportunities for parents to talk with their teens about how to navigate difficult topics,” said Dr. Rachel Rodgers, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Psychology, Northeastern University.