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Infiniti Middle East composes ‘Chromatic’ with car sounds

Track and video were conceptualised with TBWA\Raad; will be distributed by Universal Music.

Infiniti Middle East revealed in mid-January ‘Chromatic’, an audio track made entirely from the sounds of its cars, and an animated video aligned with the theme.

Vehicles used for the project included the QX80, QX70, QX60 and the Q50 sedan.

The project was conceived in April 2014. A library of sounds were created using brakes, tyre spins, gear shifts, seatbelt clicks, exhaust roars and internal alerts before the composer was engaged.

The visuals attempt to illustrate each beat and note using elements of Middle Eastern Art, while creating visuals that evoke the Infiniti range. The video and track are to be distributed globally by Universal Music.


Client: Infiniti

DGM: Francesca Ciaudano

Section manager: Samer Bou Dagham

Composer: Megadon Betamax

Animator: Misha Shyukin

Creative agency: TBWA\Raad

Art director: Elisa Arienti

Copywriter: Madeleine Butcher

Account director: Rania Nazmy

Account manager: Ola Rizk

Producer: Rouba Asmar