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Impact BBDO and Annahar #RedressLebanon in their new campaign

A fashion statement to empower a mass movement

Impact BBDO RedressLebanon Annahar

Impact BBDO and Annahar Newspaper launched the #Redresslebanon campaign to embody the resilience and beauty of Lebanese people in the face of the Beirut Explosion.  

The Beirut explosion of August 4th 2020, killed more than 230 people while injuring and maiming thousands. It damaged an estimated 10,000 buildings within a three-kilometre radius, impacting the lives of more than 300,000 people. It destroyed entire neighbourhoods in seconds, leaving a spectacle of war and destruction in the heart of the Lebanese capital.

In the aftermath of the incident, the urban landscape started to shift, transforming into a massive reconstruction site where scaffoldings and mesh wrapped damaged buildings’ exteriors. Today, two years later, buildings in Beirut are still covered with this mesh, including the AnNahar Newspaper headquarters.


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Emanating from the same mesh, Annahar and Impact BBDO launched the “#RedressLebanon” campaign. In collaboration with international fashion designer Zuhair Murad, the campaign makes a bold statement by transforming the fabric of the mesh into an artistic creation, calling for the people to believe again in their country.

Murad worked on a design using mesh cut directly from the Annahar’s building’s exterior. With the dress, Murad aimed to embody the resilience, beauty and willpower of the Lebanese people in the face of a spiralling economic and social crisis that made their living conditions unbearable. The newspaper headlines were printed on a satin belt, wrapping the waist and cascading with grace. It is held together with a shiny red sequined heart that gives life to the deep blue dress.

Newspaper Wrap Impact BBDO RedressLebanon Annahar

A special August fourth newspaper edition was published, narrating articles from various Lebanese personalities including the victims’ families’ testimonials and their hope for a better Lebanon. The edition was sold or delivered wrapped in the same building mesh.Front page Impact BBDO RedressLebanon Annahar

The campaign included the launch of an initiative to sell 10452 NFTs of the design, a reference to Lebanon’s surface area in km2, with all proceeds going to Idraac NGO, dedicated to raising public awareness and advocating for mental health as a basic human right for the Lebanese population.

Impact BBDO and Annahar  have a great track record together, with their campaigns having won two Grands Prix at the Cannes Lions. Their most recent win for Annahar’s election edition, in which Annahar donated their paper and ink for the day towards the elections.