IAS Media partners with US-based, Moburst to launch Mobile Marketing Solutions in the MENA region

IAS Media partners with Moburst to bring the expertise of mobile marketing to the MENA region.

IAS Media partners with Moburst to bring the expertise of mobile marketing to the MENA region. Ali Asgar Mir, managing director of IAS Media and Gilad Bechar founder and CEO of Moburst firmly believe that this association will help brands of this region break the clutter to achieve mobile growth, increase traffic, help conversions, and increase revenues.

Moburst is a global digital mobile company that helps leading brands and startups master the mobile arena. Their main speciality is helping companies conquer their toughest challenges through cost-effective, creative, and innovative mobile marketing campaigns. Moburst is the US-based mobile marketing solutions provider originating out of Israel, it has executed over 140 million mobile app installs through 3,800+ mobile campaigns. The portfolio boasts 400+ media partners including Google, Samsung, YouTube and Uber.

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Established in 1991, IAS Media is one of the largest media concessionaires in the MENA region. With a reputation as the ‘multi-media, multi-market’ Sole Concessionaires for leading international and regional media conglomerates spanning the far reaches of the globe, it offers a media spectrum that comprises print, television, digital, influencer marketing, radio, cinema and out of home. With this partnership, IAS establishes yet another dimension that connects brands with the target audience, helping brands achieve mobile growth through mobile strategy, product consulting, app store optimization and design and development strategies.