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IAB MENA elevates audio advertising with new task force

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) MENA has initiated a specialised ‘Audio Task Force’ to operate alongside its existing nine operational task forces. 

Open to all members of the IAB MENA, the initial companies involved include representatives from Aleph, Digital Media Services (DMS), GroupM, Publicis Media, Next Broadcast Media, The Trade Desk and Ipsos, amongst others.

Objectives and Activities

The primary goal of the ‘Audio Task Force’ is to increase awareness and understanding of the opportunities that audio advertising presents.

Throughout 2024, the task force will focus on producing a comprehensive “Guide to Audio Advertising in MENA,” which will serve as an essential resource for advertisers.

IAB MENA is expected to release the first edition of the audio-focused white paper by Q3 2024.

It will detail various facets of the audio market, including web radio, streaming, audio gaming, and podcasting, with insights into audience behaviors, brand safety, and effective strategies for engagement.

Impact on the Industry

By integrating advanced strategies and innovative approaches to audio advertising, the ‘Audio Task Force’ will support audio publishers, advertising agencies, and advertisers in navigating and maximizing the audio space effectively.

The task force will tackle challenges and highlight the unique benefits of audio advertising, such as targeted audience reach and contextually relevant placements.

The initiative also aims to enhance measurement standards and best practices within the industry, ensuring that audio advertising can be effectively quantified and optimized for maximum impact.

Looking Forward

As audio continues to grow as a powerful medium for engaging consumers, the ‘Audio Task Force’ promises to lead this transformation.

By fostering a deeper understanding and broader adoption of audio advertising, the task force will not only elevate the industry but also ensure that the MENA region remains at the forefront of digital advertising innovations.

Getting Involved

Staff of IAB MENA Member companies are invited to join the ‘Audio Task Force’ or any of our other nine task forces at any time during their operations to contribute to delivering initiatives, knowledge, and insights that benefit the whole industry.