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How to Reduce Ad Fatigue & Keep Consumers Engaged, by Ad-Lib Digital’s Janira Hernandez

Ad-Lib Digital's Head MEA, Janira Hernandez offers some advice on reducing ad fatigue and keeping consumers engaged.

Ad fatigue is real and consumers are over it.

We have all experienced the nuisances when browsing the internet or scrolling through our social platforms, only to come across that same ad you keep seeing everywhere over and over again. Eventually, you stop noticing this ad and as a result, all the hard work and media spend invested by the brand goes to waste.

Ad fatigue has become one of the biggest pain points for many brands.

We live in a world where our attention spans are constantly changing and keeping any consumer’s interest becomes an increasing challenge for marketers.

When you overexpose an audience to a certain ad, you begin to see a drop in user engagement and performance over time. This also means the relevance of your ad will decrease as well. Setting a high frequency of ad exposure is a sure way to find a decline in consumer interest; however, brands and agencies can also observe the beginning stages of ad fatigue by monitoring certain triggers such as lower click-through rates, less engagement and fewer impressions. Network algorithms are designed to show relevant content to your audiences, and if consumers are not clicking on or engaging with your ad then they will likely not be exposed to this content in the future, reducing impression volumes.

As a result, this makes digital advertising much more expensive for brands and less effective for consumers. The best way to avoid ad fatigue and get the most ROI from your digital ad spend is by following the below:

Ad frequency: As mentioned before, a sure way to lose your audience is by setting a high frequency. Make sure to always aim for the lowest ad frequency when setting up your digital campaigns or enabling a frequency cap on creatives. As the saying goes, less is more here.

Rotate, rotate, rotate: Successful campaigns tend to have multiple ads rotating, allowing audiences to see different messages, imagery or overall concepts. Working with a dynamic content optimisation (DCO) partner such as Ad-Lib.io will facilitate the production of having many different creative variations displayed to audiences based on their behaviour or targeting and break up the monotony of viewing the same ad on repeat.

Test and learn: Monitor the different creative variations you are rotating, and carry out mid-flight optimisations for the most successful output. Testing what works and what does not allows you to combat ad fatigue by refreshing creatives every three or four weeks and putting out the right content for your audiences. Creative insights that surface from this strategy will guide you on the next batch of creatives to publish.

Audience check: A/B testing your audiences can also help reduce ad fatigue by targeting the most valuable consumers. You can also exclude any users who have already engaged with your ads, ensuring you are reaching a wider pool of potential customers.

Personalisation through dynamic ads: Combat ad fatigue by personalising your creatives and tailoring them specifically to your audiences. Showing customised content based on behaviour, information, services and items they have previously shown interest in will help drive campaign performance and reduce fatigue.

The above solutions do require a lot of time, collaboration, monitoring and a high volume of creatives to be produced, which can be expensive and time-consuming. However, you can now achieve this through Ad-Lib.io’s scalable creative production in a short turnaround time. The tech solution allows you to collaborate with internal teams and agencies to drive all communication in one place.

The platform uses creative concepts that contain fixed and flexible elements, using artificial intelligence to expand to hundreds of on-brand formats and messages and easily make changes to creatives in order to reduce ad fatigue. Our unique integrations to DV360, Facebook and Youtube allow new and refreshed creatives to be pushed out across all channels and our reporting dashboard will highlight creative insights that will help drive in-flight optimisations.

No matter what type of business you run, keeping consumers engaged and reducing digital ad fatigue requires a strategic approach. Using tools such as Ad-Lib.io can help you effectively execute your digital ad spend and increase brand awareness, user engagement and overall campaign delivery.

To find out more about Ad-Lib, reach out to [email protected] or visit the website at ad-lib.io.