How the ‘Humancore’ trend re-evaluates the role of AI

Talk of AI is omnipresent – how it will transform industries, optimise our daily tasks, maybe even gain sentience someday and become our cyber overlords.

But alongside these narratives, there’s a quiet revolution taking hold of our social platforms: Humancore.

It’s a celebration of the unfiltered, authentic parts of being human, a collective rebellion against the evolution of platforms becoming giant billboards for brands and influencers who project glossy, unattainable lifestyles.

Human-core: refreshingly real

Basically, this trend flips the script on everything we’ve come to expect from social media. It’s wildly popular on TikTok, of all places, because those short, off-the-cuff videos make it easy to be really real.

Instead of meticulously staged photoshoots, we see people waving at jumbotrons, kids splashing at the beach, someone practicing guitar – y’know, the perfectly imperfect stuff of normal life. It’s like someone punched a hole through the picture-perfect bubble of social media.

Human-core & AI: An unexpected connection

How does this newfound appreciation for imperfection connect with the new AI era?  It made me reconsider our relationship with artificial intelligence. Consider the tasks that AI excels at – from data analysis and accounting to automated scheduling.

In taking over these duties, which let’s be honest felt pretty robotic to begin with, it offers us an unexpected gift: time and mental space. With this newfound freedom, what might we rediscover about what truly makes us human?

For brands, it’s time to ditch the fake and embrace your human-core

This is usually where brands stumble. In this wave of craving connection, Human core isn’t a trend that you chase with fake “realness” filters on polished self-promotion. If you truly embrace Human core, it’ll be in utilizing AI to empower real, heartfelt interaction.

For example, in customer service, let AI bots handle routine queries so human representatives can handle sensitive and complex issues. Let AI handle general sales promotions and spend human resources creating content that celebrates the journey to creation – sharing behind-the-scenes processes, highlighting failed prototypes alongside triumphs. This shift builds trust and resonates at a far deeper level than curated marketing ever could.

Beyond optimization: rediscovering simple joys

Beyond the world of commerce, the Human core trend has ramifications for how we live. With AI streamlining the “shoulds” of daily life, perhaps we will rediscover the magic of simple existence.

Think unstructured time with loved ones, unhurried walks to nowhere, or embracing a creative pursuit simply for the joy of it. In an age of relentless optimisation, it’s possible that we’ll come to value downtime and spontaneous interactions just as highly – at least I hope!

AI & the core of humanity

AI will undeniably transform our world. But the ‘Human core’ trend reminds us that imperfection, spontaneity, and our sometimes peculiar human touch remain irreplaceable.

Ironically, advanced AI may emphasise and enhance these qualities. Perhaps it takes cutting-edge technology to reveal that our vulnerability, our quirks, and our innate imperfections are precisely what makes us exceptional.

By Kyle Duckitt, Strategy Director at BBH Singapore