How does a new publication get to interview a Bollywood actress?

Social Kandura co-founders, Sakshi Chanchal and Gaurav Prakash. (Credit: Social Kandura)

Located in its headquarters in Dubai, six-month old digital media publication Social Kandura covers news, events, lifestyle to Bollywood-focused updates and entertainment.

Recently, it interviewed Bollywood actress Aahana Kumra who hold credits for feature films and television series, as a part of its Hala Bollywood segment and has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

The publication is also the official digital partner for Filmfare Middle East’s Social Night, through which it has built partnerships with known brands across the United Arab Emirates.

The publication was created to cover the gap in the hyperlocal content landscape say co-founders, a husband-wife pair Sakshi Chanchal and Gaurav Prakash.

Campaign Middle East caught up with its founders, Sakshi Chanchal and Gaurav Prakash to find out more.

Why did you decide to launch your own media company?
Sakshi Chanchal: When I came to Dubai, I realized the lack of relevant and relatable content for the local audience.

Gaurav and I saw an opportunity to fill that void and provide high-quality, production-rich content that resonates with our community.

We wanted to create an unparalleled experience for our viewers, catering to their interests and aspirations, which led us to launch Social Kandura.

How does Social Kandura differ from other news outlets?
Gaurav Prakash: Social Kandura stands out by focusing on hyperlocal content that is specifically tailored to the UAE audience. We believe in providing a unique perspective on news, events, and lifestyle in the UAE, capturing the pulse of the country.

Our investments in state-of-the-art production facilities and the establishment of in-house studios for filming and podcasts, allow us to deliver high-quality and engaging content that sets us apart from other news outlets.

Does Social Kandura have a particular slant towards the Indian diaspora here?
Sakshi Chanchal: At Social Kandura, our objective is to cater to the diverse UAE community while also acknowledging the presence and interests of the Indian diaspora.

With the prominence of Bollywood films being filmed in the UAE and the widespread popularity of Bollywood in India, we aspire to showcase the essence of Bollywood, which holds significant cultural value, to the local audience in the UAE.

The evident interest in the Bollywood scene among the local audience further enables us to serve both the Indian diaspora and the local community effectively.

How did Social Kandura manage to interview a Bollywood actress?
Gaurav Prakash: Establishing connections and partnerships within the entertainment industry is a crucial part of our work.

We were official digital partners for Filmfare Middle East’s Social Night, through which we met and collaborated with the Bollywood actress Aahana Kumra for our groundbreaking series, “Hala Bollywood.”

We also worked with another famous Bollywood actress, Raveena Tandon to capture her Behind The Scenes for the Filmfare ME Social Night.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented individuals and showcase their perspectives to our audience, adding an exciting dimension to our content offerings.