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How Babyshop created a song of hope

Baby and children retailer Babyshop partnered with creative agency FP7 McCann to launch a campaign called Frequencies of Peace.

The campaign was created to support UNHCR, which is United Nation’s refugee agency. Through the campaign, Babyshop aimed to change children’s ives in war and disaster areas.

Part of the campaign, Babyshop, together with a team from music therapy platform Spiritune, composed a song that could calm, sooth and help children sleep, especially in areas of disaster.

According to Babyshop, the lullaby has been created keeping research on music therapy and neuroscience, from institutions such as New York University and Stanford, in mind.

The song is supposed to replace the songs of war with the sounds of lullaby across the Middle East.

The Frequencies of Peace takes after Babyshop’s ethos, ‘every child deserves the best start in life’.

The lullaby was aired at bedtime in Syria on local radio stations and was also made available on streaming platforms Anghami and Spiritune.

Mitin Chakraborty, Head of Marketing at Babyshop said, “As Head of Marketing for Babyshop, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of collective action. ‘Frequencies of Peace’ was born from a realisation that peaceful sleep is a luxury for children in conflict zones.

“This scientifically-designed lullaby is our humble attempt to offer them the tranquillity they deserve. It’s a joint effort with our incredible partners—UNHCR, Spiritune, and Anghami—uniting us in the commitment to make a real difference, one lullaby at a time.”

Fanti Federico, Chief Creative Officer at FP7 McCann said, “We are extremely proud to be part of this campaign, and to work with Babyshop, the artist and the team of neuroscientists from Spiritune. There is nothing more rewarding than using creativity to build effective and long-lasting tools that can benefit underprivileged people.

“This Lullaby can not only help children in war and disaster zones, but it can also represent a meaningful symbol of peace for the wider audience.”

He added, “The process has been humbling to be part of, and with the support of the UNHCR we hope that we can bring comfort to millions of children all over the world.”

Apart from the lullaby itself, the general public was also urged to donate to UNHCR to provide for child protection case management for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

Earlier this year, the campaign also won three bronze Cannes Lions Awards in the categories, radio, entertainment and media.