How are brands levelling up their presence in gaming?

How can brands level up their game in this dynamic arena of gaming? Here are some strategies to equip your brand with some examples.

Become a playable character

In gaming, communities are diverse and passionate. To resonate with them, brands must craft bespoke experiences tailored to specific player niches.

Imagine a fitness brand launching a workout minigame inspired by its products, or a fashion brand designing virtual clothing lines for popular avatars.

Take inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with League of Legends (LOL), where a capsule collection of in-game skins and real-world apparel blurred the lines between virtual and physical fashion.

Gucci’s virtual store in Pokemon Go offered unique items within the game accessible to all players, making luxury fashion accessible and playful.

Collaborate, don’t just advertise

Co-create in-game events, tournaments, and storylines that seamlessly integrate your brand into the gaming universe.

Picture a food brand sponsoring a virtual cooking competition in a popular MMO, similar to KFC’s immersive experience in Animal Crossing, where players interacted with Col. Sanders.

These collaborations become organic experiences, where brands become characters alongside the players.

Mine the data, craft precise strategies

Gaming communities are treasure troves of data waiting to be mined.

Analyse player behaviour, preferences, and regional trends to refine your marketing strategies, personalise content, and optimise offerings.

Imagine tailoring social media campaigns based on in-game activities or developing localised ad campaigns using data from esports tournaments.

Fortnite’s long-standing partnership with Marvel is a prime example of data-driven collaboration, with events, storylines, and characters constantly evolving based on player engagement and feedback.

Go beyond the scoreboard

Engagement in gaming communities goes beyond the thrill of victory.

Brands deepen connections by championing inclusivity through initiatives like “Gamers Without Borders,” fostering diversity. Partner with initiatives that promote fair play, diversity in esports, or positive online communities.

Celebrate regional richness with campaigns inspired by Middle Eastern folklore. Localise by incorporating Arabic into in-game dialogue, enhancing authenticity.

Tailor social media by acknowledging local trends and holidays, cultivating genuine connections.

Embracing these strategies, brands authentically engage Middle East gaming communities, creating immersive experiences aligned with players’ values and cultural context.

By Saad Khan, Founder and CEO at GameCentric