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Home of Switz presents mothers with the gift of time for Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of kindness, love, and gratitude. During this time, families gather for a hearty meal after a long day of fasting. Usually, the mother takes on the responsibility of preparing the meal, which adds a lot of pressure to her already demanding schedule.

As Mother’s Day fell 11 days before Ramadan this year, Home of Switz took the opportunity to merge the two occasions with a gesture of appreciation. Socialize launched the campaign with a video depicting a day in the life of a working mother while juggling responsibilities between home and work. Using the platform الهدية بوقتها؟, the video teased the idea of gifting mothers at the right time, alluding to the fact that we always gift mothers on Mothers Day, but is that the only right time?

Socialize announced the campaign mechanism in another video shortly after, showing how Home of Switz worked with chef influencers to prepare samosas for 30 different families, allowing the brand to help mothers during Ramadan. For a chance to win a samosa box from Switz, family members must nominate their moms on social channels, engaging them in doing their part and giving moms the time they need. The video concludes by revealing the gift mothers need year-round: time, with the creative platform الهدية: وقتها.

An integrated content plan is included in the campaign with Ramadan recipes and content from chef influencers through sharing their experiences cooking for families in 3 different countries, KSA, UAE, and Oman.