Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus launches global social media campaign

Campaign celebrates the upcoming launch of new campus and the University’s Bicentennial anniversary.

Heriot-Watt University announced the launch of a brand new global social media campaign to celebrate the upcoming launch of its state of the art campus in Dubai Knowledge Park. Targeted at prospective and existing students and their families worldwide, it seeks to inform them about the new campus, its unique features and takes them through the journey of Heriot-Watt’s history and heritage.

Commenting on the campaign, Claire Roper-Browning, regional director for marketing, recruitment, admissions and communications at Heriot-Watt University Dubai said “2021 is a very special year for us as we are celebrating our bicentennial or the 200th anniversary of our founding. Equally important, it is the year we will move into our new campus in Dubai. This is a key part of delivering Heriot-Watt’s ambitious six-year strategy for the University, and demonstrates our commitment to the region even during these unprecedented times. Today’s global social media campaign supports all of these goals and I am so proud of all that we have achieved as well as the team that has worked tirelessly to bring this to life.”

The branding and conceptualization of the campaign has been designed keeping in mind the fact that Heriot-Watt is a globally connected University with five international campuses. It focusses on the University’s growth, global reputation and presence, and various initiatives that have been undertaken to adapt to modern educational requirements in order to offer high-quality British Education to students. The campaign also integrates the bicentennial anniversary of Heriot-Watt through the distinct design, colours and tone. It showcases to audiences how the University has brought together quality education and world-leading research whilst continuing its legacy as a pioneering higher education institute.

Heriot-Watt University Dubai’s new campus has been designed to keep the future student experience in mind and will enable a digital learning environment which supports the overall delivery of Heriot–Watt’s plethora of programmes which include Data Science, Construction and Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Psychology, Architecture and Design, and Computing and AI. Unique features include a dedicated student hub, social learning spaces, an engaging library with Study Skills spaces and provision of a Maths Gym for Maths support, and a central Student Services Centre for students administration. Classrooms are designed to be more interactive: rather than traditional lecture theatres, there will be two collaborative lecture theatres supporting small group work as well as whole class teaching. It will also include an in-house recording studio in order to enable and encourage the creation of digital materials in line with Heriot–Watt’s vision of offering a world-class interactive learning experience.

The new campus, which will open doors in April this year, will follow the university’s global strategy of Strategy 2025, a values-led strategy that seeks to embed four guiding values – inspire, collaborate, belong and celebrate – and is based on the heritage, expertise, relevance and global presence of the university.