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Heinz ads reveal how long we have waited for ketchup

The brand continues its rich tradition of fun campaigns around ketchup

A new regional campaign for Heinz, created by VML Argentina, breaks down how much people wait for the product to come out of the bottle throughout their lives.

“We don’t really think about the time we lend to things we love. Hours? Days? Weeks? Who’s counting? Well, Heinz is.”

Alongside VML, the brand is now divulging just how much time people spend with it.

According to a Heinz study, ketchup takes 5.7 seconds to come out of its trademark bottle.

This data, combined with the results of a survey indicating that the average consumer enjoys Heinz ketchup 3 times a week, multiplied by the years of life of each person, can give us a surprising result of hours and even days.

“We found a very simple, but at the same time a very common, real and powerful insight that only a brand that has such irrational lovers could properly use. Because waiting 2 days of your life, or more, for ketchup, is not something you would do for just any ketchup,” Juan Calvo, ECD of VML said.

“In our fast-paced world nothing screams true love more than giving your time and evidently more than half our consumers (55 per cent) are willing to patiently wait for Heinz to start their meal.

“We have amplified this insight in our newly launched campaign Heinz Hourz calculating the average time spent in a lifespan happily waiting for Heinz,” said Passant Elghannam, Kraft Heinz Marketing Director MEA.

This project will run with print ads featuring shots by renowned photographer Ale Burset, as well as short format videos for social media.

“When you have a great idea for such a brave and creative client, produced by one of the most talented photographers of the world, the result couldn’t be other than brilliant,” said Nino Goldberg, Dany Minaker and Patán Tarazaga, Latam creative leaders of VML.