Behind the scenes of GCC retailers partnering with AI marketing tech

Consumer awareness in GCC is currently at an all-time high.

A recent study by Oliver Wyman revealed that GCC consumers exhibit 30 per cent higher expectations for personalised retail experiences than their global counterparts.

So, for retailers, personalisation is understandably a business imperative today. That begs the question: How can retailers with a vast customer base personalise their products/services and communications to individual preferences and expectations? The recent partnership between BTC Fashion and WebEngage offers clarity.  

BTC Fashion, the retail arm of the Business Trading Company (BTC), recently partnered with WebEngage, a leading marketing technology (MarTech) company specialising in AI and automation.

The partnership is aimed at providing BTC’s vast customer base with personalised experiences. 

BTC will integrate its back office, loyalty programme, data lake, and e-commerce channel (bfab) with WebEngage’s customer data platform (CDP) and AI-powered solutions stack.

The resulting unified customer profile powered by deterministic AI will help BTC’s marketing teams segment the audience based on shopping behaviours, purchases, psychography, and real-time intent and tailor their communications accordingly.

WebEngage’s automation will help BTC orchestrate such hyper-personalised campaigns across channels, including SMS, mobile, web, digital, paid media, WhatsApp, email, and offline, and engage each customer meaningfully.  

 Hasit Kakkad, General Manager at BTC Fashion, said the aim is to provide unique and consistent experiences to each shopper whenever and wherever they engage with any of their brands.

Hetarth Patel, Vice President – Middle East & Africa and Managing Director – UAE, WebEngage, said: “We will deploy our latest innovations in generative AI, seamlessly integrate with all their systems, and empower their marketing teams to build 1:1 customer engagement. Our regional business managed services team will ensure we maximize the value of their customer data, boost marketing impressions, and improve customer lifetime value (CLTV).” 

Such strategic partnerships underscore how critical AI and automation are to modern-day retail operations.

Personalisation is increasingly deciding business outcomes, making novel technologies like AI the new tools of the trade.

Timely adoption of such technologies by forward-thinking retailers like BTC is a welcome development from the standpoint of consumers and the larger economy.