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Havas Tel Aviv partners with Ohr Torah Stone to advocate against the Divorce Law in Israel

The Permission Absurdity ad highlights the absurdity of Divorce Law in Israel, a work by ‘Ohr Torah Stone’ NGO (YadLaisha) & Havas Tel Aviv.

The year is 2022, but Israeli law forbids women from divorcing without their husbands’ permission. This situation has been going on for over 60 years and no one has tried to change it.

As a result of this law, women in Israel are practically held captive by their husbands – they can’t remarry, have an intimate relationship with another man, and if they have children, the children will be considered illegitimate.

To encourage people to rethink this law, the ‘Ohr Torah Stone NGO’ published an outdoor and print campaign ahead of International Women’s Day, highlighting the absurdity of not being able to end something that is wished for. Because the NGO believes that the decision to end things should be made by the person who wishes to do so, regardless of the genre.


Client: Ohr Torah Stone NGO (YadLaisha)

Agency: Havas Tel Aviv

Copywriter: Gefen Fertig

Executive Creative Director: Daniel Bnaya

Chief Creative Officer & Co-CEO: Ben Sever

Co-CEO: Or Gleicher