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Havas Tel Aviv creates campaign for the domestic violence helpline for Israeli women – *6724


Since the domestic violence helpline for Israeli women – *6724 – never received a respectable place in the media, most women don’t know it exists.

To change this, Havas Tel Aviv partnered with Israel’s most popular women’s magazine, ‘Laisha’ (‘For the Woman’ in Hebrew).

In order to help save women’s lives, ‘Laisha’ changed its traditional cover for the first time in 75 years and used the magazine’s cover as a media channel for the helpline distribution.

The “Helpline on the cover” campaign has increased calls to the domestic abuse helpline by 500%.


Client: Laisha

Editor in Chief – Karina Shtotland

Graphic Designer – Michal Sharon

Agency: Havas Tel Aviv

Creative Director – Daniel Bnaya

Chief Creative Officer & Co-CEO – Ben Sever

Co-CEO – Or Gleicher