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Hashtag pays tribute to the social media professionals with a new IG filter

Image Credit: Hashtag

Hashtag Social Media Agency has launched a new Instagram filter that takes a fresh and unique approach to acknowledge the accomplishments of social media professionals.

This filter puts your skills to the test by challenging you to overcome the daily obstacles that social media professionals face. From keeping up with the latest trends to handling last-minute amendments, this filter assesses your skills and ranks you from a Social Media Executive to an Account Director based on your score.

Unlike the typical celebratory filters, this one adopts a gamified interactive approach, making it an engaging and exciting experience to showcase your capabilities.

This filter is a tribute to all the hard work and dedication that social media professionals put into the industry. It recognises the challenges they face on a daily basis and provides a fun and interactive way to celebrate their talents.

To try it out, follow this link, dodge the obstacles by moving your head and show off your talent by sharing your score with all your friends. With over 600 opens, 300+ captures, and an average time spent of 30+ seconds, the filter has already garnered significant interest and engagement from users.