Guerlain launches Bee Bottle with the help of AI


Guerlain is celebrating the 170th anniversary of its Bee Bottle designed with the help of artificial intelligence. 

A promising glimpse into the future is made possible by the combination of custom-designed artificial intelligence and extensive research into Maison Guerlain’s heritage.

The beauty landscape is evolving quickly and recent developments in AI have been transforming the industry. 

Today’s digital-savvy beauty consumers have prompted the sector to embrace new technological solutions, including adaptation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Ann Caroline Prazan, Head of Art, Culture and Heritage at Guerlain said: “Guerlain’s history is rooted in art, history and speaks of beauty through time. Valuing each artistic gesture, Guerlain couldn’t remain alien to the world of AI generative art and wanted to experiment with it, hand in hand with our creative excellence.

“The Bee Bottle’s 170th anniversary was an opportunity to refine our rich heritage and project the Bee Bottle’s into the 170 years to come”.

Guerlain’s commitment to the world of art and beauty in the past, present, and future is seen in the short movie, Born in 1853. Made for the future. 

The film explores life beyond 2023 to imagine a utopic future, seeking new forms of creative expression in beauty and sustainability. 

It shows a collection of over 1800 images created in collaboration with a custom-designed AI model and a text-to-image technique.

The pieces of art were assembled into a digital exhibition curated with the expertise of artistic directors, archivists, and creative technologists.

Guerlain has trained its own custom AI model, designed to generate, and refine the Bee Bottle with precision, while allowing imperfections and characteristics of generative art, to remain. Combined with human sensibility, this AI model aims to achieve a new form of creative mastery.

The brand has designed its very own rules to control its creative collaboration with AI. For example, each generated creation must result from the alliance of AI and human craft: artists’ work is valued and should not be replaced by the creative potential of generative AI.