GTV Media Group welcomes director Gerry Blaksley to the team

Dubai’s director Gerry Blaksley has joined GTV Media Group as their creative director. He is renowned for his work on Jetman, Fittest in Dubai and We’re on Top of the World for Emirates.

Blaksley has made his name in Dubai film with spectacular films in and about Dubai, receiving global attention and helping promote the city as one of the top destinations in the world.


He has a decorative career, having worked with numerous celebrities such as Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Lionel Messi as well as prestigious brands around the world, such as Paramount, Mercedes, Red Bull and finally, Sony, for which he is an ambassador.

“Gerry is a fantastic addition to our team of producers and editors and we are already discussing first projects with our clients in the UAE and Saudi Arabia”, says GTV’s CEO Tewe Pannier.

GTV Media Group is one of the largest content creators in the Gulf region, with GTVfilms’ main offices in Riyadh and Dubai. Adding to these, the group has GTVdocs and Paradox Studios under its fold, the former, a production company for international documentaries – based in London, and the latter being a 3D and Unreal Engine-powered content provider.