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Grow & scale your business through Amazon Live: explained by PiWheel

By Shashank Singh, Customer Success Manager at PiWheel.

Television shopping channels have been in place for long. But with social media and online commerce gaining momentum, they have slowly been on a back burner. But it’s a great concept- showcasing product features, benefits, and offers in a video format. How can Amazon, the biggest online retailer fall behind on such a big opportunity? The point is, it didn’t.

Amazon attempted live streaming in 2016 with ‘Style Code Live’ where Amazon presenters hawked fashion-related Amazon products. It was canned in 2017. But Amazon wanted to capitalise on the live-streaming capabilities, much to the likes of Instagram Live and Facebook Live. That’s when it started the Amazon Live feature in 2019.

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So, how do sellers take advantage of this free opportunity? Let’s deep diver into this and more: