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Grayling Dubai goes it alone

PR shop becomes an independent agency upon completion of sale from Huntsworth

The acquisition of Grayling Dubai from its parent company Huntsworth plc by its CEO, Loretta Ahmed, has been completed, creating a new independent agency for the region.  The business will retain close ties to the Grayling network as it remains an affiliate partner for its Middle East mandates.

Staying under the Grayling brand in the short term, it will continue to offer the same high quality of service that has come to be synonymous with the name across the region.

Speaking on the acquisition, Paul Taaffe, CEO of Huntsworth PLC said, “Loretta has run this business like her own since she took it on in 2013. She has had a track record of fostering strong teams and an inclusive culture that works well in the Middle East, allowing her to build and retain a strong portfolio of clients. We look forward to continuing to have Loretta and her team as part of our extended family as we co-operate to meet the needs of global clients.”

Loretta said, “It’s a great way to leave the group – to be able to take the team and business with me but to stay connected as a global affiliate really offers the best of both worlds.” She continued, “I have always considered this business as my own – Huntsworth has always been a hands-off network that empowers its regional CEOs to run their regions relatively autonomously so nothing changes in the short term, but a new brand will come in time and we are now looking forward to charting our own course.”

“This is an exciting step for our Dubai business, giving us the freedom to build the business our way, with our own culture and values as key drivers for our future journey.  Speed, agility and the ability to switch course fast is what matters in markets that move as quickly as the Middle East and we are now in the best position possible moving forward”.

Loretta Ahmed has been in the region for over six years, running the Grayling business as CEO of Middle East & Africa. Prior to that, she was CEO for Grayling’s UK business.