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Gift And Save intends to save heritage buildings in Beirut

The Beirut Heritage Initiative (BHI) with TBWA\RAAD launch commemorative glasses made from Beirut’s broken windows to help save heritage buildings in the city.

The Beirut Heritage Initiative (BHI), a Lebanese non-profit organization, is giving a special meaning and a strong purpose to gifting this holiday season, by launching “Here’s to Beirut– an initiative that showcases handmade drinking glasses, made of recycled glass collected from Beirut’s historical buildings.

On August 4th 2020, a massive explosion shook Beirut and destroyed more than 640 of the city’s heritage buildings, leaving behind tons of shattered glass.

Due to the country’s protracted economic crisis and a notable absence of local and international funds, many of the city’s iconic buildings have been left neglected and are still unrepaired, one year on.

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