Fusion5 welcomes new senior performance executive, Raji Tarabay, as part of its expansion plan

As part of Fusion 5’s growth plan, fueled by recent wins, as well as the digitization of operations and the development of a next-generation operation model, a new recruitment structure has been initiated, starting with the young and talented Raji Tarabay.

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Majoring in Business & Finance at the American University of Beirut, Raji began his career as a media planner at OMD, where he has worked on multiple international accounts, specializing in the UAE and KSA markets; within the verticals of automotive, entertainment, retail, FMCG and more. Tarabay is joining as senior performance executive.

Raji’s passion for performance and biddable Media buying has led him to Fusion 5 and we are happy to have him as a great addition to a great team.

“Considering the talent, the skills, and data-driven solutions – Fusion 5 is truly a welterweight boxer reaching beyond and leaving its marks in the market,” Tarabay commented.

“The recent digital acceleration of all our clients has re-confirmed and keeps validating our agency long-term goals and priorities: investment in digital and performance talents and continuous enhancement of our team and products offering,” Adds Natale Panella, head of digital at Fusion 5.