Fusion5 activate their Generation Z recruitment plan

As part of Fusion 5’s growth plan and the development of a next-generation operation model, it expects a more dramatic and challenging digital transformation in its organizations. Generation Z will form the backbone of the future workforce, they are digital natives by nature, hyper-connected, more entrepreneurial and optimistic. Fusion 5 is excited about the future and delighted to have started this recruitment project with Anthony Berbari, who has the right mindset and passion to evolve in line with the fast-moving world in which we live. Fusion 5 looks forward to welcoming a new generation of innovators to the company and watching them shape the future.

“I’m so fortunate to have joined Fusion5 after I have received my degree in Advertising & Marketing,” Berbari commented, “the team at Fusion5 has been so welcoming and supportive throughout the onboarding process and I look forward to collaborating with colleagues, clients and partners and make a difference.”