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Friends go to hilarious extremes in insurance ad spot

What do people look for in an insurance policy?  Jumping off this train of thought, creative agency Amber Communications created a campaign for Arabian Automobiles.

They tapped into the insight that every insurance company offered the same usual features – thoughtless freebies and useless benefits.

Arabian Automobiles launched a new insurance product that went against these “usual features”.

The product, Wakala Plus offers a series of benefits that are “well thought-through” and “actually useful”.

So in the new ad spot for Wakala, Amber Communications decided to showcase how the insurance’s advantages are tangible and apparent that even thinking about any other insurance is a futile exercise.

“We expressed this exercise in futility through a visual device that was not just clutter-breaking but almost literally tied you up and made you notice,” said a representative from the agency.

The ad film shows how a candid conversation between friends goes hilariously haywire when one of them isn’t aware of Wakala Plus’ several advantages.

 And how the other friend has to go to great lengths to stop him from making a rash decision, when the right call was right there in front of him.

Highlighting how the friend belief that when it comes to an insurance that offers everything you need, Wakala Plus is “All You Need”!


Brand: Wakala Plus Motor Insurance
Client: Arabian Automobiles
Creative agency: Amber Communications, Dubai

Agency team: Salil Sawale, Shynil Hashim, Anuradha, Muraleekrishna, Wilson Philippose
Director: Arun Francis, Film Dojo
Producer: Murali Govindan