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Five ads I wish I’d made, and one I did – by Blue Apple’s Amresh Mondkar

by Amresh Mondkar, creative director, Blue Apple Advertising.

Diwali is more than a festival to many. It’s a season one looks forward to,  giving all a reason to celebrate the goodness within and spread the light around us.

Over the years, brands have made heartfelt attempts to connect and narrate this story of goodness to their consumers. And this storytelling over the years has shifted from being brand-centric to being emotion centric, as emotions always played a big role for brands to leave a genuine mark with their audience.

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As over the years, the mediums to view the ads have evolved, the narrative too is no more limited by 30 or 60-second time slots. The new age mediums give the liberty to create short story narrations or series of films to connect and engage with the emotions of the audiences and leave back long-lasting and memorable impact.

There are many such commercial narrative gems capturing the Diwali sentiments.

Here are few which I wish I’d had done them.

1) OPPO F17 Pro – #BeTheLight To Spread The Light | Diwali’20

This beautifully captures the flavour of Diwali so well, telling how kindness and generosity are celebrated through this festival of goodness and lights.

The cast, the locations and the music heighten the mood and pace of the film.

2) Facebook Diwali

Facebook Diwali ad has stolen the show this year, It has weaved in the current pandemic situation with the festival attributes of generosity and sharing. So many people could relate to this ad, as many have come across and experienced such true stories of service.

Using the product as a solution to the situation and coating it with a festive flavour has been done in an intense yet simple way. The cast has delivered brilliant performances, which has raised the quality of the narrative by many folds.

3) HP – Diwali Ad

This ad is nicely incorporated the product story with the festival attributes of generosity and kindness. We have seen so many people coming forward to support small businesses ever since. In a simple narration of how the product has made it possible to enrich lives with a small act of kindness. It highlights the intent that Diwali should be happy for everyone and how a simple help can bring smiles to many.

4) Samsonite – #Diwalikasafar

It’s customary in India that people travel back home just for Diwali. Samsonite as a luggage brand and its agency has done a great job to acknowledge the people who make this travel journey possible for thousands of people.

The story has a beautiful twist which touched many people, making them realise the importance of such support people who make our travel journeys smooth and happy.  I, myself have thanked so many who have made travel possible for me.

The Heroic narration of these people by a luggage brand is such a great idea, it has positioned the brand as kind, thoughtful and genuine.

5) Surf excel – #AbLagRahiDiwali – Share the Joy of Diwali with Everyone!

This ad paved the path for many Diwali centric ads. It truly changed the brand narratives from being product-driven to placing themselves as drivers of change by connecting with the consumers through relatable emotions.

Once again, the storytelling and the performances have been captured so well.

Without talking about the product, it establishes a deep connection with its consumers.

The one I (we) did at blue apple for our prestigious client and proud to be associated with: Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – District One

2019 was the year of tolerance in UAE. We wanted to include the local UAE Tolerance theme into our narrative of the Diwali (festival of lights) message. Inclusiveness is the key aspect of this festival which beautifully coincides with Tolerance. Dubai, home to so many nationalities is a hub of tolerance. We narrated this story for Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – District One, which also imbibes the same values of a great vision.