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Evian brings French Alps to MENA with new campaign

Havas Middle East was behind the localisation of Evian’s new global campaign, “Mountain of Youth.” The ad spot offers a revitalising perspective on wellness and rejuvenation in the Middle East.

Crafted in partnership with BETC, the campaign reignites the brand’s ‘Live Young’ signature, inspiring people to adopt a rejuvenating experience for the body and mind in a playful mindset, regardless of age.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Henry Scholfield, the film follows an intrepid explorer who travels across the Alps in search of the prized source of the Mountain of Youth.

However, even when he’s in the right area, he investigates every corner without success. The explorer is also unaware that he’s constantly being watched and followed by playful ‘Evianers’ who have found incredible fun ways of camouflaging with the environment.

By cleverly twisting the universal myth of the Fountain of Youth, BETC pays homage to Evian’s unique heritage of the pristine French Alps, where Evian’s mountain-made mineral water is sourced through 15 years of natural filtration through the Alpine glacial rocks.

Localised for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the campaign resonates with the evolving landscape of the region, tapping into the growing demand for experiential luxury and entertainment.

“We are proud to unveil this localised adaptation of the ‘Mountain of Youth’ campaign for Evian in the Middle East,” said Fabio Silveira, Managing Director at Havas Middle East. “With a focus on inspiring individuals across the region to live young and prioritise a rejuvenating and youthful lifestyle.”

In Saudi Arabia, amidst its burgeoning entertainment industry, the campaign aims to inspire individuals to embrace self-care and rejuvenation with Evian water.

“The new Evian Mountain of Youth campaign is a fresh chapter that refreshes our beloved “Live Young” ethos,” said Antoine Moukarsel, Head of Marketing at Danone Middle East.


Global Agency: BETC Paris 

Local Agency: Havas Middle East