The Future of Video

  • When:29/04/2018 12:00 am
  • Where:Nada 1, Radisson Blu, Dubai Media City

What we are watching: The state of video content

Remember when ad agencies were briefed to craft a 30-second TVC masterpiece that would run for up to a year?

That seems a long time ago now. Today, video comes in all forms in advertising.
From 6-second pre-rolls to hour-plus partner content.
And that video might be seen on social media, a video streaming service, on a website, or even on good old-fashioned television or cinema screens.
It might be seen on a tablet or a mobile, at work or at home, first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

The industry is having to adapt fast. No longer is one ad the answer to everything. Now, versions are produced to appeal to different demographics, and content is being produced quicker and cheaper and by more people than ever before.

So how do you make sure your video content is still relevant, and the most efficient and effective use of rare resources?

Join us at our latest Campaign Breakfast Briefing to find out.

Plus, we have an exciting workshop by YouTube – How your Ramadan campaign can make the front page this year – so register your interest now!

Venue: Nada 1, Radisson Blu, Dubai Media City

Date: April 29, 2018, Sunday

Time: 8:30am

Key Themes to be covered:

Where is video advertising headed?
How to make the best of video advertising – from TV to social?
What’s the format of the future?
How to engage viewers better?
Workshop by YouTube: How your Ramadan campaign can make the front page this year

Who should attend?

Marketing managers
Digital marketing managers
Creative Directors
Content creators and production companies
Media Planners and buyers

Agenda of the event:

08:00am: Registration & Breakfast

09:00am: Chair’s opening remarks – Introduction to the topic
Austyn, Editor-in-chief, Campaign

09:05am: Welcome speech

09:10am: Keynote speech – What we are watching: The state of video content

An industry leader gives his/her view on where we are with video production and consumption today, and where we are heading.

09:20am: Panel discussion 1 – The future of video advertising

A change is afoot. Clients are starting to spend less on content distribution than they do on production. As more and more video is destined for social channels rather than traditional television and cinema screens, we discuss the repercussions within the advertising industry. What effect does versioning have on the creative industry, and how can media agencies use data to best leverage video ads? Where are budgets going, and how should they be used? Who is creating video today?

09:55am: Q&A

10:00am: Panel discussion 2: Storytelling with video

Is the 30-second spot dead? Can we still make big-budget, long-running TVCs? How can we best leverage 6-second pre-rolls? How do we stop viewers skipping? Or make the skipability of ads a merit rather than a hindrance? The format of video advertising has changed, so how can creatives engage viewers in this brave new world? Our panel investigates.

10:40am: Q&A

10:45am: Closing comments

11:00am: YouTube Workshop: How your Ramadan campaign can make the front page this year

Lynn Hazem from Google’s Creative Impact Team will lead a special workshop during which your team will be tasked to come up with a prolific Ramadan campaign on YouTube based on a fictional brief. Lynn will walk attendees through the key learnings collated from the top performing advertisers who submitted their work for The Lantern, an award by YouTube that recognizes impactful Ramadan campaigns. The winning team will receive consultation from the Creative Impact Team as they execute a real-life campaign they have planned for the holy month.

11:45am: Close of event