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Etisalat slides into business pro with Camouflage

Directed by Harald Zwart, this film for Etisalat by “e&” showcases their new business pro catering to requirements of tech start-ups and different size businesses, by simply sliding across the the business pro indicator to customize all needed requirements.

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The concept of “Slide”, creatively developed by “Caviar Creative”, was the mother root of this commercial where we see our main characters sliding across their office from one set up to the next while informing the audience about business Pro through their interactions.

The Slide effect was designed in liaison between Camouflage’s special effects department and the post production team, to achieve a believable, stylised and consistent effect across the film on location, under the supervision of the director Harald Zwart.

Etisalat by e& – Business Pro from Camouflage Productions on Vimeo.

Executive Producer: Dania Salha Quaglio
Post Production Producer: Luana Captini
Prodcution House: Camouflage Productions
Agency: Caviar Creative
Director: Harald Zwart
Director of Photography: Geir Hartly
Editor: Mark Hayek