Engage Purposefully: How MARCOM professionals can get the best out of brand partnerships, by Catch comms’ Injeel Moti

By Injeel Moti, managing director, Catch communications & Catch Academy.

Brands today have myriad choices when it comes to partnerships. From ensuring authenticity to proving the impact of those collaborations (all with seamless execution), it can be a challenging task to take on. Rule number one is that partnerships must be purposeful. They should serve a purpose that ties in with the business’s objectives & overall goals, be it a short-term goal or a long-term one.

Evolution in recent times has led to a whole lot of crossovers with marketing verticals, be it with PR, advertising, social media, live events & so on. Communications today span from strategic collaborations with like-minded brands to partnering with influencers, content creators, and working hand-in-h

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