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Empowering brands in MENA: BIGO Ads’ thriving growth and innovations


BIGO Ads, the global mobile internet advertising marketing platform powered by BIGO, is making remarkable strides in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, boasting an impressive user base of over 70 million monthly active users (MAU).

The platform’s products have become a source of joy for MENA locals, with continuous growth in user preferences and engagement.

Embodying the spirits of ‘exploration,’ ‘creation,’ and ‘performance-driven,’ the BIGO Ads team is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive one-stop marketing solution for local brands.

Recent upgrades, including precise user targeting and Messenger for Business, are elevating the platform’s capabilities to new heights.

  • Audience buy improved: Introducing ‘Calling Corridors’

The primary users of BIGO Ads are tech-savvy males aged 24 to 34, with significant purchasing power, frequent cross-border financial transactions, and a keen interest in electronics, sports, 3C, and gaming.

Accurate audience targeting is paramount for brands to succeed. Beyond basic and advanced targeting options, BIGO Ads offers a unique feature called ‘Calling Corridor.’

Leveraging powerful algorithm capabilities and user behavior data labels, this feature ensures the discovery of precise target users.

It has proven particularly effective for clients in tourism, finance, telecom, and other industries with diverse geographical targets.

  • Upgraded messenger for business feature: Empowering brand-fan connections

In today’s social world, cultivating a loyal ‘fan circle’ has become crucial for brands.

Recognising this, BIGO Ads introduced the ‘Messenger for Business‘ feature (available in Saudi Arabia) and recently enhanced its capabilities. Brands can now create official accounts, interact directly with users, and build a dedicated fan base.

This direct interaction deepens connections between brands and users, making it an innovative and effective solution for clients in FMCG and automotive industries, among others.

Apart from continuous upgrades, BIGO Ads is renowned for its top-notch customer service. Miley Hong, the Director of MENA Partnership and Sales, brings over three years of invaluable experience to the team.

With a wealth of expertise spanning South East Asia to the Middle East, Miley has successfully provided performance-driven marketing solutions to clients across Games, e-commerce, Tourism, 3C, Telecom, and finance industries.

“We tailor marketing solutions to suit various verticals and markets,” says Miley. “Understanding campaign objectives and target audiences enable us to unleash the platform’s capabilities with innovative creativity, leading to successful campaigns.”

Don’t miss the chance to explore collaboration opportunities with Miley Hong during her visit to the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 10th August till 10th September 2023.

Discover BIGO Ads’ innovative solutions and book your schedule by contacting BIGO Ads via email at [email protected].