Emirates launches new global brand platform

Emirates is to launch its new global brand platform at the beginning of next week as the airline continues its “evolution from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand”.

Themed ‘Hello Tomorrow’, the Dubai-based carrier will roll out an integrated marketing campaign on 2 April as part of its bid to position the airline as “the enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences”.

Created by Emirates’ lead agency, StrawberryFrog, the campaign will feature print, TV and digital executions, including billboards in New York’s Times Square and Milan’s central train station. Emirates will also launch a refreshed website.

“Our new corporate image and global marketing campaign both underline the confidence we have in our existing products and services, and the vision we have for the future growth of the airline,” said Sir Maurice Flanagan, vice chairman of Emirates Airline & Group. “Emirates is not just offering a way to connect people from point A to point B but is the catalyst to connect people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. Emirates is connecting people and cultures creating relevant and meaningful experiences that are shaping the world.”

Emirates was founded in October 1985 and is headquartered in Dubai.


  • I was shocked and disgusted to read the above article. The specific cause of my disquiet was, of course, the grossly misguided use of the term ‘catalyst’ by ‘Sir’ Maurice Flanagan (if that is his real name).

    As any schoolboy knows, a catalyst is “something that precipitates a process or event, without being involved in or changed by the consequences.”

    What is he suggesting? That Emirates flies people round the world without being at all involved in ‘said process of flying? What do they do? Watch from the sidelines? Cross their fingers, think good thoughts and hope that a plane turns up, piloted by a friendly stranger?

    This raises many questions about their ability to run an airline. Needless to say, I will not be using their services in the future.

  • Sir, I must take up cudgels with ‘Disgusted’ above. I yield to no-one in my admiration, respect and yes, awe at Emirates ongoing success. Could ‘Disgusted’ pilot an aircraft with the skill and tact of a typical Emirates pilot? I think not. Neither could he “pilot” the company itself with the firm, yet assuring hand that Sir Maurice Flanagan (and sir indeed it is, a small token bestowed by a grateful Monarch) has displayed? Again, I beg leave to doubt it. As Sir Maurice wonderfully outlines, Emirates are all about experiences. The lack of ‘Disgusted’ on board their aircraft in the future will only enhance all of ours.

  • Dear Astonished,

    Take up all the cudgels you like, you didn’t really understand a word that Disgusted wrote, did you?

    “I yield to no one in my admiration” – FFS, do you think we give a monkey’s?

    I couldn’t pilot an aircraft either, but I’m not sure that disqualifies me from being able to comment on their advertising.

    Which is, and always has been, pedestrian drivel.

  • I would like to address Digusted’s comments: Please READ carefully.

    The use of catalyst on below statement does not, in any way, pertain to the airline’s ability to actually “pilot” or “fly” people. Please go thru it again.

    “Emirates is not just offering a way to connect people from point A to point B but is the catalyst to connect people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations”

    I believe the new corporate image, the airline is campaigning for, seems palatable to today’s customers and in time will prove surely its usefulness.

  • Not even a single Arab country is featured in this whole campaign as a destination. Bravo!

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