elGrocer focuses on family cooking and tradition this December

Campaign focuses on holiday celebrations for key demographics and launches gift cards for use on their platform.

In a celebration that will continue till the end of the year, elGrocer has launched a campaign to focus on cooking with families, tapping into childhood traditions to help their users and families make the most out of the school holidays.

In addition to special offers from its retailers, elGrocer has also introduced “Gift of Time” cards that can be redeemed on Marks & Spencer, Eataly, Prime Gourmet, Let’s Organic, Ajman Coop, Union Coop, Sharjah Coop through its platform. The gift cards are available in four denominations: AED 50, 100, 200 and 500.

elGrocer CEO, Raed Hafez, said, “As we get to the end of what has been a difficult year for many, we need opportunities to celebrate and what better way than to share inspiration for cooking with meals, favourite childhood meals with our community. Research shows that cooking together helps build closer relationships with children. This dedicated time in the kitchen gives everyone in the family a chance to talk, share, learn, and build family memories and traditions.”

Over 65 per cent of elGrocer users are families, with 75 per cent being women between the age of 25-45 years. Apart from offering the best range of products from a diverse retail base, elGrocer also offers consumers free recipes from chefs and influencers with easy to source ingredients for each recipe on its platform.