electriclimefilms developing young production talent in Dubai through internship programs

electriclimefilms calls for interns for its Dubai offices.

At electriclimefilms, it is crucial to mentor the next generation of young talent in production through their internship programs.

electriclimefilms loves to help mentor young men and women on their journey into the production world, working closely with them and challenging them out of their comfort zones.

With offices in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai, the team is always keen to have hard-working and gifted youngsters coming through their doors.

As a recent batch of interns in Dubai is about to end their six months with the production house, amidst post-production and project wrap-ups, the team sat down with the talented and driven individuals to hear about their experiences.

“Tropes of traditional internships include trivial tasks, a lack of responsibility, and childlike treatment; an internship at electriclimefilms is far from traditional,” former intern Karim Aziz Oghly said.

“As interns, we are treated as equals, as members of the full-time team. Entrusted with tasks that would otherwise be solely handled by those missing the ‘intern’ label. We are fully functioning members of a creative powerhouse.

“Working in the commercial film industry is not for the faint of heart. Long hours, moon-lit mornings, sleepless nights, greying hairs, and supple eye bags. It’s exactly what I expected.

“Us interns immediately formed a tight bond. We became friends, comrades, brothers, and sisters in arms battling exhaustion for the love of film. We shared a similar sentiment in the sense that the work was draining, yet fantastical.

“Although we are temporary members of the team, we were welcomed with open arms. We are all peers but, nonetheless, the office feels more like a space full of talented siblings rather than detached employees.”

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