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Early adopters of the future; social media and the metaverse – by Socialeyez’s Cassie Bell-Misri

by Cassie Bell-Misri, associate director business development, Socialeyez

Recently, Adidas joined several global brands entering the metaverse, releasing tokens similar to NFTs, while Nike created their virtual realm ‘Nikeland’ which was their first step into this space.

But these are just two big global brands who are recognising the potential that the metaverse has to offer and how is it likely to change the way we think, network, shop and do business.

Speaking for myself, and I don’t seem to be the only one, there is some ambiguity around what the metaverse will look like. The evolution of the internet and Web 3.0 will change social media, and many social media pioneers are moving into this space and adopting these new technologies.

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Having spent almost half of my career in social media and promoting how these social media platforms can be used for business growth and success, it is interesting to see how colleagues, clients and industry leaders globally have begun to invest in the metaverse and it is already being capitalised upon.

Social media now infiltrates every part of our daily lives, but that wasn’t always the case and especially not within the business world. Convincing clients that social media was worth investing in wasn’t always an easy feat.  But as technology advanced, it was clear that social media had value and the businesses that were unbelieving were the ones to fall behind.

If you look at the trailblazers of social media in the early days who built large, influential and successful brands — today, you’ll notice that entrepreneurs are taking the same approach with the metaverse and investing in emerging platforms.

Facebook’s recent change in name to ‘Meta’ may have brought the metaverse into the mainstream and raised attention to the possibilities. Still, many big names are already launching themselves into the metaverse, having succeeded as early adopters of social media.

While it seems that metaverse and Web 3.0 will be the next wave of the internet, it appears that it will be those who can grasp and leverage the opportunities of social media that will have the upper hand when it comes to making an impact in the metaverse.

We see it every day with our clients and associates that we work with — success on social comes from cultivating a following and building a community, and the goal is to bring that community with them for new ventures. The ability to articulate your message to your audience in a meaningful way on social media platforms with the correct tone of voice and engaging content is key. We have already seen people willing to dive into new platforms such as TikTok and make a mark. It will be these people who are now reaping the benefits of being frontiers of the metaverse.