dubizzle launches ‘dubizzle cars’ campaign across Enoc stations

dubizzle cars have always strived to create multiple touchpoints to deliver effective messaging. Those holistic strategies include engaging campaigns to entice motorists in places where they have a few spare moments of time. In addition to an extensive array of ‘always-on’ social media campaigns, dubizzle cars’ wide-reaching and lively presence on a multitude of other out-of-home advertising platforms is a crucial facet of continued success.

One of the many strengths of this engaging campaign is its endearing simplicity. Clear and easy to comprehend in just a matter of seconds, it achieves dubizzle cars’ long-established aim of connecting seamlessly with their vast audience. The message of how to sell and buy cars with dubizzle cars is concisely and entertainingly conveyed to the potential customer in just a matter of seconds. The campaign creatives are designed to explain in simple terms how buying or selling your car with dubizzle cars is the ultimate definition of ‘the easy way’.

The creatives also inform on all of the major dubizzle cars’ services that will be of interest to both existing and potential car owners. The runtime of the creative pre-looping is 30 seconds, but the campaign’s main messages are communicated in 2 languages in under 10 seconds.

dubizzle cars has never struggled with traffic numbers, so it’s hard to say if this particular campaign has made a significant difference. However, being a household name in the UAE, the company strongly believes in recall marketing, with this campaign representing a shining example of that philosophy being successfully implemented. The aim is to remind people that all their car needs can be easily resolved with dubizzle cars. This timely campaign also significantly increases the buzz around the new dubizzle cars Hub, situated in Al Quoz. This exciting, showroom-like space is a complete game-changer. Open to the public, the ‘’dubizzle cars hub’’ is a fully-equipped, physical location where inspections can be conducted, photoshoots can take place, and numerous other essential services are on offer.

Haider Ali Khan, CEO of Bayut & dubizzle and Head of EMPG MENA, said: “Our campaign with ENOC is the communication narrative with dubizzle cars for our new hub in Al Quoz that caters for motorists and enthusiasts alike. Selling your car has always been an easy idea to have, yet the process was disjointed and fraught with pain points”

“dubizzle is the number one platform for selling your car in the UAE and this campaign highlights that dubizzle cars removes the time consuming process of taking photos, dealing with low-ballers and arranging viewings – instead leaving it all to certified professionals.”