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Dubai enters the future with four unique experiences

Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) created an immersive experience and activation, together with creative studio Tactical, at Gitex Global and Expand North Star.

Four interactive experiences were created to engage the 180,000 visitors attending Gitex Global and its sister show Expand North Star to explore the opportunities that Dubai offers.

The activation, split into four experiences, aimed to highlight Dubai as ”one of the world’s leading tech and business capitals.”

Each of the installations were designed to take tech talent, start-up entrepreneurs and investors on an interactive journey that would offer insights on making the move to Dubai.

The four experiences

The first experience was the Discover Dubai Simulator,  an interactive touchscreen enabling users to learn about Dubai from three different perspectives; global connectivity, liveability and setting up a business.

Discover Dubai Simulator

The next experience engaged with users by asking them questions about their interest in Dubai. A vertical touchscreen, The Road to Dubai, the highlighted relevant work benefits and delivered a personalised roadmap of user’s unique path to Dubai.

The Road to Dubai

Another experience was the Web AR Portal Lens, a rotating world lens that allowed users to visualise Dubai’s progress from 2020 to the future in 2071 where its business and sustainability goals have been achieved against the backdrop of AI-generated scenery.

Web AR Portal Lens

Finally, also present at the event was a FAQ Robot Mirror. The 3D careers and business consultant robot answered frequently asked questions about establishing a business or about life in Dubai.

FAQ Robot Mirror

Behind the build

Tactical brought the installations to life by using a combination of 3D modelling technology, VFX and AI art generation.

Mike Khouri, CEO at Tactical comments: “Dubai has incredible ambitions and this is representing those aspirations on a global stage.

”The goal for our Innovation team was to match those expectations and deliver high-tech experiences that took people on a unique and interactive journey.

“The multiple, digitally linked touchpoints gave Dubai a stand out experience at the world’s largest tech event, and this was only made possible with the support of a bold, ambitious team. ”