Driving the 5G Revolution – by Oppo’s Fadi Abu Shamat

by Fadi Abu Shamat, Director of Strategy and Development, OPPO Middle East and Africa

With digitisation evolving at such breakneck speed, providing new opportunities in every aspect of our daily lives and work, the 5G rollout is the greatest revolution in the communication world as we know it.

What is more, GCC countries are the pioneers of its widespread use. With faster download speeds, low latency, and more capacity and connectivity for billions of devices, 5G is the perfect fit for a region which has innovation and technology at the heart of its future. It is priority-driven by both consumers and governments with a desire to enrich individual experiences, steer industry efficiencies, diversify national economies and enhance community services.

With Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE all leading the way in terms of 5G deployment, the GCC has leapfrogged much of the rest of the world by not just preparing for the new technology but also implementing it. By the end of 2020, the Gulf had the highest average monthly data traffic per smartphone in the world and by 2026 it is estimated that 80% of the GCC’s total mobile traffic will be carried by 5G. 

At OPPO, we continuously strive to meet the demand for 5G and offer the features and technology to optimise its potential. As one of the first smartphone manufacturers to have launched 5G phones as we look to the future, even considering the arrival of 6G technology, we hope to continuously improve the user experience and provide products and services that are truly needed by consumers.

Of all H1 global 5G smartphone shipments in 2021, OPPO ranked first among Android manufacturers, highlighting our commitment to commercialising 5G worldwide and encouraging its use through affordability and availability.

Consumers and tech users across the GCC are among the world’s most hungry for advanced telecom and data breakthroughs. They have time and again proved the importance of personal technology; by the end of 2020, the Gulf had the highest average monthly data traffic per smartphone in the world.  

Of course, necessity is the mother of invention, but demand is also the mother of innovation. As the architects and facilitators of 5G use,  we have the responsibility to ensure the benfits of individual users but also communities as a whole.

Massive data transfer in a tiny fraction of the time that we experience has massive implications across vital sectors including health, education, logistics and many more.  From remote diagnosis and emergency medical treatment to autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality, are driving life-changing technology as more 5G coverage is seen, more applications for its potential. 

Once again, GCC countries are leading the way in maximising the benefits of new technology in terms of smart cities and the internet of things, as well as boosting their economies through industrial efficiency and digital investment. Each day witnessing a transformation in the infrastructure of the region’s most progressive cities on both a personal and societal level.

Gulf countries continue to prioritize this approach to provide even better public services for their residents and communities in line with their long-term goals such as Saudi Arabia’s ‘Vision 2030’, Qatar’s ‘National Vision 2030’ and the UAE’s ‘Vision 2021’, which realised many of its next-gen connectivity ambitions last year.

Our commitment to 5G is prevalent across their entire Reno Series offering, seen in the Reno7 launch, demonstrating the level of infrastructure readiness and guarantee to customers that every upcoming Reno Series will be equipped with the same 5G technology.

In addition, Oppo is wholly committed to building on the future of smart device ecosystems and paving the way for a more connected life, both literally and socially. Having launched a $7 billion-dollar three-year investment R&D plan to develop core technologies, their overriding belief is that any individuals or organisations capable of enhancing innovation for the benefit of the common good have a responsibility to exercise that ability.

The advent of 5G provides an ideal opportunity to put that philosophy into practice and in GCC, Oppo can be proud as they have already seen the advantages the region brings.