Do Epic Good promotes sustainable communications in the Middle East

It’s time for our industry to adopt sustainable practices.

Do Epic Good, the sustainability arm of the virtual boutique agency Do Epic Sh*t, is one of the first advertising agencies in the Middle East to offer brands sustainable communications, supporting their clients to carbon offset their emissions if reducing isn’t an option.

Following the unimpressive results from last year’s COP26 the Do Epic Good team have extended their offering in sustainable communications ensuring the Middle Eastern region (and beyond) has the opportunity to play their role in the climate emergency by preventing climate change.

Having been operating for almost 4 years, the skilled team at Do Epic Good have always believed every brand focus should include their 5 ‘P’s – People, Planet, Purpose, Performance and Profit – to ensure a competitive advantage and customer loyalty while being a force for good. Too often briefs land on a desk with the objective to increase brand awareness and generate sales by 300% while ensuring millions of impressions on social media. With the global ad industry now worth $766 billion (and expected to hit $1 trillion by 2025) this ‘definition of success’ soon determines if you have a retained client and a paid invoice.

Realising the success of one story comes at the cost to another – too often Mother Nature – the Do Epic Good team’s unique offering has allowed the definition of success to be redefined while benefiting people and the planet.

Partner for Do Epic Good, Charney Magri says “Although we are the first agency in the Middle East to have sustainability built into our core, to ensure we practice green productions and now carbon- offset creative communications, my hope is that we wont be the last and agencies will soon realise the climate emergency requires us all to take urgent action”.

If you would like support on carbon-offsetting your creative communications, a strategy on how to talk about your sustainable communications, want to execute a green production or to learn how your business can be a force for good, get in touch with the Do Epic Good team to see how they can help!