Digital Essays 2023: Embrace AI or Embrace AI

AI in advertising is exhilarating, efficient and forward-thinking, writes GroupM

The obvious thing for us to do was ask Chat GPT to write this essay. Did it save us time? Yes. Did it summarise from the millions of written content online? Yes. Can we use it as is? No.

No, because it didn’t sound like us, it didn’t highlight our personal experience with AI. It just sounded generic and too technical, without emotions that you would get when a human is not involved.

The point being AI is a great enabler, it’s the means to reach your destination more efficiently and effectively but should not be considered a threat to your existence.

This is just the start and already there is major use cases of AI saving time and money across industries. AI is helping in content creation (written and visual), analytics, audience segmentation, personalisation and much more.

But humans are not obsolete in this process (at least for now), they are being compared and verified – and at most times creativity is added for more depth. 

Chupa Chups 

Very recently as an agency we used AI to answer a brand challenge, while being creative in the way it’s used. Global lollipop brand Chupa Chups wanted to be more relevant to kids in the region, while being creative and memorable.

The key insight was that the imagination of kids has no boundaries, but what if these thoughts can be visualised through AI and personalized for each child?

With this in mind, and a few months of building and testing, we conceptualised ‘AI world of lollipops’ with Chupa Chups using Stable Diffusion AI technology. 

A platform where kids can express themselves through simple text prompts and AI would do magic to build a visual of your fantasy word in just a few seconds, personalised with your name template.

Kids and parents loved it, driving close to 300k traffic to the bespoke AI platform and generating almost 100k personalised AI images in a month. Thus bringing to life their fantasy world of lollipops.

AI revolution in advertising and media

The landscape of advertising and media is being remodelled, and the architect is none other than Artificial Intelligence (AI).

No longer the mysterious gadget in a tech wizard’s arsenal, AI is as mainstream as smartphones – and just as indispensable.

Remember when AI seemed as outlandish as expecting a cat to bark? Well, the cat’s meowing tunes now, folks. In the last couple of years, we’ve taken a quantum leap, the kind that redefines ‘innovation’ in bold, underlined terms.

Overcoming AI scepticism

Resistance to AI had the stickiness of a stubborn Post-It. It’s the natural reflex, akin to the suspicious squint one reserves for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ label.

But this resistance is giving way to a revelation, as AI has shown it can sprinkle pixie dust on the old advertising playbook, transforming it in ways that have accountants and creatives high-fiving.

The AI magic is cutting through the advertising clutter, all the while saving time and money.

With AI, campaigns are not just created; they’re engineered to perfection, targeting audiences with the finesse of a seasoned archer. We’re not just catching more fish; we’re reeling in the big ones in every single cast.

Future of AI

The future of AI looks even more promising and we will be closely watching advancements in emotional AI, to become even more human like. Advanced content creation, for better video content and increased focus in privacy and ethics, clarifying ownership and avoiding misuse of this wonderful tech.

Our industry is going through a massive transformation, hence embracing AI is key and the only way to staying relevant to the current and future needs.

Ethical AI integration

As with any powerful tool, the key is in how we wield it. AI is not the replacement for the human touch but a complement to it.

It’s about using this tool with a conscience, making sure that as we reach for the stars with AI, we keep our feet firmly planted in ethical grounds.

It’s not just a blind race to the finish line; it’s a marathon with sustainability in mind.

AI in advertising is like finding an extra gear in a sports car – exhilarating, efficient and forward-thinking. It’s about embracing the future but doing so thoughtfully.

As we stand on this brink, the journey with AI is just getting started, and the road ahead is as wide open as our imaginations.

By Vikrant Shetty, Head of Content at GroupM and Yohan Wadia, Creative Director at Wavemaker