Coca-Cola transcends cultural boundaries for Ramadan

Mill+, The Mill’s Creative Content Studio, has revealed Coca-Cola’s latest ad that celebrates the holy month of Ramadan.

Collaborating with Coca-Cola and creative agency AKQA, the Mill+ team shows how celebrating cultural events like Ramadan through advertising can be a powerful way to connect with diverse audiences and promote messages of unity and togetherness.

The collaborative effort created a compelling advertisement that reflects Coca-Cola’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural awareness.

Throughout the ad, viewers are shown glimpses of moments that reflect the spirit of Ramadan. From heartwarming family reunions to unexpected friendships, each scene portrays the generosity that define this holy month. The narrative unfolds through a diverse cast of characters, showcasing the rich tapestry of society united in celebration.

One of the ad’s highlights guests taking selfies, adding a contemporary touch to the traditional setting. The image of people making room for one more at the dinner table symbolises inclusivity and hospitality, key values of Ramadan.

Mill+ Director, Tim Fox, said: “Infusing the film with authenticity and a personal connection to the audience was a priority for me. The goal was to bring a crafted quality that resonates, both in the overall aesthetic and the animated portrayal of characters. The film’s visual and tactile essence was intentionally designed to exude a hand-crafted feel. Thanks to the dedication and skill of our team of passionate artists and animators, we successfully achieved this unique and personalised touch.” Tim went on to add, “you don’t get more iconic than Coca-Cola as a brand, this was a huge privilege for us.”

Overall, Coca-Cola’s animated ad captures the spirit of Ramadan, celebrating its traditions and highlighting the universal themes of connection, unity and joy.

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: AKQA
Production Company: Mill+
Director: Tim Fox