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Coach: ‘Courage to Be Real’

Coach has unveiled its Ramadan campaign featuring professional football player Farah Jefry, fashion upcycler Salima Alaoui and DJ Cosmicat. 

A celebration of holiday traditions through the lens of the brand’s iconic heritage, the campaign brings Coach’s Courage to Be Real storytelling of confidence and authentic self-expression to life. 

The campaign aims to embody Coach’s ethos of “Courage to Be Real,” emphasising confidence and authentic self-expression.

Through this lens, the campaign highlights the diverse cultural richness of Ramadan and showcases how individuals can embrace their true selves while honouring tradition.

Paying recognition to the holiday’s emphasis on fostering community with friends, family and beyond, the campaign features authentic snapshots of the talent posed together in playful moments of interaction, evoking feelings of connectedness and empowerment.

Central to the campaign are two key products: the Tabby bag, now presented in its newest quilted version, and the Willow Shoulder Bag.

Additionally, the campaign showcases a carefully selected range of the latest footwear styles from the brand, ensuring a comprehensive representation of their offerings.