Clubhouse introduces new audio messaging feature

It aims to like a messaging app and be more social than other apps

Clubhouse has launched a new format called chats. 

The feature is a voice-only group chat for users to connect with their connections. 

Clubhouse chats puts users and their friends into a group, where they can send voice messages that appear like entries into an Instagram story, rather than an individual text. 

Unlike iMessage, Clubhouse transcribes these voice messages. Chats can be set as friends only, or friends of friends.

The platform is available now on iOS and Android. It aims to like a messaging app and be more social than other messaging apps.

Chats could possibly encourage users to check in more often to hear from their friends, rather than whoever’s hosting a live conversation at the time.

It’s like voicemail which is open to anybody users allow to join in. Which users can do with voice notes on Messenger, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, X, and LinkedIn, while it’s also somewhat similar to X’s voice tweets.

Clubhouse says that users will be able to push to talk to respond to a Chat, listen at 2x, tap to skip, swipe to the next Chat, ‘and slide into your friends’ VMs to chat privately’. Users can also set their chats to ‘friends only’ or ‘friends-of-friends’ to expand the group.

Chats are much faster than text, where groups can share more stories and more off-the-record stuff that they would never spend the time to type up.

Chats are also transcribed automatically and translated into your language, so you can read them on the go, and even talk with friends-of-friends who speak different languages.

Voice makes them more personal than text. With Chats, users can hear your friends laugh, sense when they seem tired or sick, smile when they get animated, and look at their faces when they’re talking. Users can get to know people.