Client-side marketers are paid more than agency-side creatives

Credits: MCG Talent UAE Salary Guide 2023

According to the figures presented by recruitment company MCG Talent, people working client-side for roles under the marketing/public relations sectors have higher salary brackets than people working agency-side for advertising/public relations within similar roles.

In the UAE, a senior marketing or PR executive is paid between 15,000 to 20,000 AED compared to a senior account executive or junior account manager receiving between 15,000 to 18,000 AED in salary.  

The figures are part of the recently released MCG Talent UAE Salary Report. The report outlines the average salaries for jobs in marketing, creative, communications and technology sectors in the UAE.

The guide lays down the salary benchmarks for each position depending on the type of company and role and aims to serve as a guideline for those looking for jobs and people looking to hire.

In a social media post on the recruitment agency’s LinkedIn page, Justin McGuire, CEO and Co-Founder of MCG Talent, compares the UAE salaries on an international level, saying that the salaries reported in the UAE are a little bit higher than that in Europe but on par with those that of Singapore, 

He also highlighted a few career trends as part of the guide, which includes the region’s move to a digital transformation and the growing demand for talent experienced in data analysis, artificial intelligence, and software development. 

The guide covers both types of companies: client side and agency side.

Advertising/public relations, digital, social, performance, SEO, strategy, client services, UX/UI, design and branding are the sectors covered on the agency side.

On the other hand, sectors included under the client side are marketing/public relations, digital, social, strategy and SEO.

The guide also covers the salary benchmarks for roles under PR consultancies, events, exhibitions and conferences, CRM marketing, sales and technology.

See the full report with the salary benchmarks for all the positions here.