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Chevy’s Fawazir TikTok campaign gets young audiences guessing

By Jalaja Ramanunni

Chevrolet has revived the nostalgic tradition of Fawazir by bringing it to TikTok. The host for Chevrolet’s Fawazir is Zeina Makki and three riddles have already been posted on Chevrolet’s TikTok channel.

Fawazir means riddles in Arabic. Fawazir Ramadan is custom that began on Egyptian radio in the 1960s. It eventually transitioned into a television show that most of the Arab world tuned into after iftar. It was a show known to bring the family together in the living room.

Andrej Arsenijevic, Executive Creative Director at Commonwealth McCann, told Campaign, “This is why TikTok was the perfect platform for our campaign. It is the place where we can target young people in the region, create brand love and grow it on TikTok – by being native to the platform and understanding its language”.

Chevrolet identifies as a youthful, vibrant and colorful brand that appeal to younger audiences. When asked about Chevrolet’s TikTok strategy, Arsenijevic commented, “We launched our TikTok channel back in July 2022, and it has been our focus ever since. Our efforts have definitely paid off and it led our channel to be the most engaging automotive channel in the region. We did that by learning the native social language of TikTok and by experimenting with our tailor-made content for the platform.”

During the holy month, fasting road users are often hungry, dehydrated and low on blood sugar. This can have a negative impact on energy levels, mood, concentration, reaction time and more, which leads to a rise in accidents. By putting safety at the front of people’s minds with a fun and engaging campaign, Chevrolet hopes to raise awareness of these dangers and mitigate the risk to all road users during Ramadan.

“Ramadan is the month of entertainment but also accidents on the road are on the rise,” said Sara El Esnawy, Brand Advertising Manager at Chevrolet Arabia. “Safety awareness campaigns don’t have to be dry and boring, so we decided to try a different angle and make ours fun and engaging. Today’s younger audience are all about this kind of content on channels like TikTok, and that’s exactly where we went.”

Chevrolet’s Ramadan campaign this year led to doubling their following base. “It made the month March our most engaging month since launching our TikTok channel, and it had the highest active engagements that go beyond a ‘like’. Following our campaign, we are currently in the process of researching the changes that occurred on the user behaviour on the road, but it’s still too early to have results at this point,” shares Arsenijevic.

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