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Careem and Misfits.ae campaign blows people away… literally

Careem Blows you Away Misfits advertisment

Misfits.ae’s latest marketing campaign for Careem Plus, a subscription plan that offers their customers exclusive savings, features an idea that is direct, simple, stupid and engaging. They took the phrase, ‘Value that will blow you away!’  literally.

The first video showcases people in the office being tired and bored at work, before one of them views the deals offered by Careem before being blown away through office ceilings and back, shortly followed by someone else.

The second video follows a husband and wife pair in a convertible car, cruising through the desert, while the wife seems to be bored and annoyed with her husband’s singing. She browses through her phone before viewing Careem’s latest deal and being blown away out of the car. Similarly, like the first video, her husband follows her shortly after checking the deal out.

The behind the scenes for the videos, show how they actually carried it out (without a lawsuit on their hands), featuring special actors: dummies.


Client: Careem
Creative marketing director: Tom Sword

Creative agency: Misfits.ae
Creative & strategy: Misfits 

Production: Misfits.ae
Director: Misfits
DOP: Dennis Chehade
Producers: Misfits, Mutaz Salloum, Saif Khan, Nasrallah Saad
Art director: Preet
Assistant camera: Rashid Hafez
Wardrobe: Janelle De Losa
Audio: Khaled Hamdy
Colour grading: Mika Onnela
VFX: Kareem Sultan / Omer / Yunus / Mohammed
Cast: Mahmoud / Lamya / Aiham / Ahmed / Shady
BTS: Chris Gacal