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Can I still read Campaign magazine? (Spoiler: Yes!)

Campaign will still be delivered, and is now available on ISSU as well

By Austyn Allison, editor

Are you worried about getting your copy of Campaign? Are you concerned quarantine has quashed us?

Fear not.

We are still distributing print issues, and you can read a full-featured PDF version of the magazine on ISSU.

Rumours about the death of print have been exaggerated. There are new rules in place to do with the distribution of printed products such as newspapers, magazines and flyers.

However, they are unlikely to severely affect Campaign. That’s because the two main exceptions to the new rules on print distribution are Campaign’s two main distribution channels: subscriptions and newsstand sales from major outlets in malls.

Malls are now closed, but your copies of the magazine will still be going to your office if you or your company is a subscriber.

“But I’m in responsible isolation!” we hear you say. “I’m working from home and not going to the office.”

First of all, good for you. Thank you for helping keep us all safe.

Secondly, don’t worry. We’ve got a plan for that.

From this week the latest issues not just of Campaign but of all Motivate Media Group titles are available totally for free on ISSU. It’s a PDF version of the magazine, readable on screens of all sizes, which means you can experience all the benefits of a print copy of Campaign and none of the papercuts.

It’s also good for our advertisers. Your ads will be seen by readers as they look through the ISSU version of Campaign, and then again when they get their hands on those physical copies at the office. And as an extra bonus, all the ads on ISSU carry links to the advertisers’ websites.

So download your issue of Campaign here. Check out our guide to the major social platforms, along with case studies, news, work, thought pieces and more… Keep your insights and inputs coming. And keep washing your hands. Together we’ve got this covered.