Campaign’s Brand Faces to Watch 2023 – Maya Kaabour, Marketing Director, Washmen App

Campaign’s Brand Faces to Watch 2023 – Maya Kaabour, Marketing Director, Washmen App

Age: 29

Nominated by Peter Zagalsky, Director, Marketing  Communications, KPMG Lower Gulf (Previously Maya’s manager at Impact BBDO):
Peter Zagalsky – Director, Marketing  Comms, KMPG

Career highlights

Maya’s career began in 2012, collaborating with renowned agencies on global accounts like Ford, Visa, Bayer, and L’Oréal. She crafted award-winning campaigns that resonated with audiences in the region. As the youngest speaker at the 2016 Dubai Lynx, she shared insights on “Leading Millennials.” In 2023, Maya joined Washmen App as Marketing Director to play a role in driving their next growth phase. Passionate about storytelling and marketing, her journey continues.

Guiding principles

Maya’s guiding principle is rooted in the belief that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Recognizing that even the best strategies can falter without the right cultural environment, she embraces her role at Washmen’s inclusive atmosphere that welcomes diverse ideas and challenges the status quo.

Side hustle

Maya’s minor in Sustainable and Responsible Marketing fuels her belief in brands’ crucial role in shaping future generations. Outside work, she explores intuitive dancing  hosting the Dubai Eye Contact Experiment, where strangers meet to look into each other’s eyes  foster a sense of togetherness.

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