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Campaign graduates 2016: Aleesha Sayyed

Campaign asked interns and recent graduates about how they see their role in the industry changing in the next five years.

Aleesha Sayyed

Age: 25

Degree: MBA in Marketing & Finance, BIMHRD, India, 2014

Position: Media executive, Mediavest

“You have to be a hybrid” is what I keep hearing from people in the industry; and it’s true. We are witnessing the need to develop a 360-degree communication planning solution to reach audiences.

Gone are the days of traditional one-dimensional planning models. Now, more than 78 per cent of consumers within the GCC multitask while watching TV, giving rise to cross-TV platforms, which enables broadcasters to reach new consumers.

The market and the audience are continuously evolving and, as a communication specialist, I feel the need to expand my skills to master both verticals. However, be it comprehensive digital planning or an in-depth know-how of offline media, I personally feel that using data and innovation together as an infused platform will help engage audiences.